My Clean Book Mission

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I'm making a list of "clean" literature to be enjoyed by readers of all ages and backgrounds. 


Wondering what we mean by clean literature? 

This isn't comprehensive nor is it a guideline for YOUR conscience but here is my list of no-nos in a book:

  • No foul language.

  • No bloody gore (murder in mysteries is ok).

  • No disparaging remarks about ANY group of people.

  • No sex scenes but light kissing is ok (please no tongue or heavy petting).

  • No spiritism, witchcraft, or uncanny stuff.

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Judgement Free Zone

We'll do our best to recommend books suitable for everyone. However, if you find something on our list that is disagreeable to you, please don't hold it against us! We acknowledge that there will be differences in opinions or an oversight on our part. Please let us know what bothered you (fill out the form below) and we will add a note to that title so others can decide for themselves if they will read it or not.

Please check each individual genre page for new titles. I'll do my best to read each book I recommend and if I haven't read it myself I'll be sure to let you know.

I'd LOVE your help growing this list for fellow bookworms across the world 🌎!!

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All types, genres, fiction, and nonfiction accepted.




Please feel free to send me the names of clean books you've personally read and a brief comment about them.


You can use the contact form at the bottom of this page or go here to learn more about our standards for "clean books". You'll find a submission form there as well.

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