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171 Ways to be a Kinder Person

You are already doing much of what is on this list and I appreciate you for that!

On a sleepless night not too long ago, I sat in bed contemplating the deeper things of life (oh brain, whatever happened to counting sheep 1🐑 2🐑 3🐑…😴)? Anyway, I asked myself two thought provoking questions that I think any one of my readers who seek truth, beauty and inspiration, might have wondered at some point:

1. What does this world need more of right now?

2. Is there anything I can do to help?

How would you answer those questions?

So many things came to mind with question #1...I could write a book (and so could you).

Question #2 was even more interesting. I know better than to think that I (or any single individual or organization) could “solve” any of the world’s thorny problems. (I believe God will do this on his own schedule). Realistically speaking, even when humans do solve a problem, they often create several more problems in the process. 🤷‍♀️

Yet, I appreciate those who wholeheartedly desire and try to make the world a better place.

There's nothing more fulfilling than improving the lives of others.

So what can you and I realistically do?

The word kindness paid me a visit and we sat together for a while. "Have you noticed that it's getting harder to show kindness nowadays?" Kindness asked.

I replied, "Love is on a serious decline and it's so obvious I don’t have to convince my readers of it."

We both agreed that the world needs to put some more serious thought into showing loads more of it. After all, love and kindness are action words.

But whew, Anna! 171 ways of becoming a kinder person? Is this even possible? 🙂

It might sound overwhelming but don't sweat just yet! You're already doing much of what is on the list below and I appreciate you for that! 💖

Creating this list taught me three things.

  1. Showing kindness has no limits.

  2. Kindness is a state of mind and a word of action.

  3. Kindness must be taught.

#3 is where I thought I'd add my 2 cents and make difference. I love being around kind people. And while none of us can be perfectly kind all the time (sorry perfectionists, it just isn't possible), IT IS POSSIBLE TO COMMIT TO BECOMING A KINDER PERSON EACH DAY.

(Stay tuned...a Kindness Project is percolating in my brain...and if you research kindness on the Internet, I'm not the only one with this lofty idea.)

Ok, without belaboring the point, please enjoy my list of 171 Ways to be a Kinder Person. As you read it, feel good about what you're already doing to show kindness and if you see an action or two you haven't done in a while....great! See this as an opportunity to improve your life and the lives of those around you.

171 Ways to be a Kinder Person

1. Always say thank you.

2. Always say please.

3. Make people feel welcome, especially when they join your conversations.

4. Introduce yourself to a stranger.

5. Use and remember people’s names.

6. Smile at strangers 😁.

7. Smile even when you don’t feel like it. Fake it till you make it. 😁

8. Call someone and just listen.

9. Before venting and unloading on a friend, ask if it's a good time.

10. Text or call someone you haven’t seen in a while just to say hello.

11. Send someone a greeting card.

12. Send someone a post card.

13. Send meaningful thank you cards.

14. Write a letter to a loved one.

15. Make a dessert and share it.

16. Cook a meal and share it.

17. Be hospitable and not just to your friends.

18. Give a small gift to someone and to make it even better, find out what they like first.

19. Give gifts unexpectedly.

20. Give your undivided attention to a child.

21. Let the child choose the activity they want to do.

22. Learn how to wait patiently.

23. If someone asks for your help, go the extra mile 🏃‍♀️.

24. Go out of your way to help someone without them having to ask.

25. Donate things you no longer use or need.

26. Volunteer your time.

27. Take someone out for coffee, tea or ice cream.

28. Let someone go first in line or on the road.

29. Drive respectfully. Don't cut others off, avoid road rage.

30. Don't use foul language.

31. Always tell the truth. Even white lies hurt.

32. Respect boundaries.

33. Create your own boundaries for others to respect.

34. Respect the needs of others.

35. Give a sincere compliment.

36. Help an elderly person with groceries.

37. Run errands for an elderly or disabled person.

38. Drop off food or a care package to someone sick.

39. Use a skill or talent you have to help someone.

40. Give someone a ride.

41. Hold the door open for others.

42. Offer to help someone complete a job or a task.

43. Go out of your comfort zone for a friend or family member.

44. Never raise your voice at anyone.

45. Share solutions to problems you have solved.

46. Share your resources with others (for example; garden veggies or flowers).

47. Give more than you get.

48. Offer to help pay for something.

49. Keep your yard and surroundings clean.

50. Don’t litter. (This is being kind to the 🌍 & others).

51. Pick up litter. (This is being kind to the 🌍 & others).

52. Recycle (This is being kind to the 🌍 & she thanks you).

53. When offering help ask; what would be most helpful to you right now?

54. Learn to work as a team.

55. Learn to cooperate.

56. Treat animals with respect and dignity.

57. Speak well of others.

58. Avoid sarcasm. It's only funny to the sarcastic one and others might not know how to take it.

59. Never gossip.

60. Keep secrets.

61. Never assume…always verify.

62. Be open-minded to new ideas and different ways of thinking.

63. Invite the perspectives of others, especially those different from your own.

64. Listen to others without judgement.

65. Replace judgment with compassion.

66. Forgive freely.

67. Accept apologies.

68. Apologize when necessary and mean it.

69. Don’t hold grudges.

70. Hold yourself to higher moral standards.

71. Don’t smoke.

72. Don’t drink and drive.

73. Don’t do drugs.

74. Give people the benefit of the doubt.

75. Share discounts, sales and coupons.

76. Ask good questions but don’t be nosy.

77. Learn new things so you have interesting things to talk about.

78. Offer to partner up with someone to exercise.

79. Be available.

80. If someone mistreats you, walk away peacefully.

81. If someone irks you, find something you can respect about them.

82. Never retaliate.

83. Learn to speak honestly and openly.

84. Be tactful but don’t beat around the bush, say what you mean.

85. Learn to accept gifts graciously.

86. Accept the kindness of others graciously.

87. Learnt to accept compliments graciously.

88. Be authentic.

89. Be genuine.

90. Use humor to put others at ease, never to demean.

91. Learn to laugh at yourself and your mistakes.

92. Learn how to take a joke.

93. Learn to relax.

94. Let go of stress.

95. Learn how to take suggestions from others.

96. Show an interest in other people, don’t do all the talking.

97. Clean up after yourself, everywhere you go.

98. Keep your word, even if it becomes inconvenient.

99. Do what you say you’ll do.

100. Don’t make promises you have no intention of keeping.

101. Give someone flowers, even a bouquet of wildflowers is beautiful 💐.

102. Accept people for who they are.

103. Think before you speak.

104. Be willing to be vulnerable in front of others.

105. Be honest with your own needs and desires.

106. Accept challenges.

107. Learn how to fail and be ok with it.

108. Learn how to lose graciously at games.

109. Avoid competition.

110. When expressing emotions use I statements, not you statements which infer blame.

111. Take your responsibilities seriously.

112. Accept the consequences of your actions.

113. Learn to control anger.

114. Learn how to cope with disappointment.

115. Breathe deeply.

116. Learn to walk away from a fight or argument.

117. Get to know and care about your neighbors.

118. Accept that your beloved opinions or beliefs could be wrong.

119. Never show off or boast about your belongings or accomplishments.

120. If you’re smart, never flaunt it.

121. Don’t be afraid to teach what you know.

122. Cultivate humility, treating others better than you treat yourself.

123. Treat people better than they expect.

124. Leave a place better than you found it.

125. Pull over when texting.

126. Stand up for what is right, you never know when you'll make a difference.

127. Follow safety rules and regulations at all times.

128. Learn to give other people space.

129. Spend time reflecting on what’s important in life.

130. Spend time in nature.

131. Don’t be easily offended.

132. When hurt ask yourself; is this going to matter in one week, one month or one year?

133. Never touch someone without their permission.

134. Treat everyone with respect whether you think they deserve it or not.

135. Love everyone, don't be close minded to new friendships.

136. Be generous, always give the bigger amount in your mind.

137. Let the other person have the bigger, better piece or comfier seat.

138. Give without expecting anything in return, even a thank you.

139. After giving a gift, refrain from asking if they’re enjoying it. This makes people uncomfortable and misses the point of giving.

140. Don’t take sides in an argument you have no business being in.

141. Cultivate a positive view of others and yourself.

142. Learn to be more optimistic.

143. Control your tongue, better to be silent than say the mean thing.

144. When comforting a grieving person, simply say I’m sorry for your loss. No need to try and make them feel better. Allow them to grieve.

145. We all make mistakes, don’t expect perfection from yourself or others.

146. Don’t be an enabler by accepting or supporting bad behavior. Enabling is often misinterpreted as kindness.

147. Be understanding & patient with customer service reps, they have a tough job dealing with customers all day long.

148. Give good tips to service personnel.

149. Don’t assume you know what other people are thinking, feeling, needing, wanting.

150. Befriend people from various backgrounds, nationalities, races and cultures.

151. Don’t steal anything, ever.

152. Give back what you’ve borrowed and in good condition.

153. If you find something valuable, return it to its rightful owner.

154. Spend time analyzing yourself to see how you can improve as a person.

155. Be loyal to your spouse.

156. Be dependable.

157. Respect other people’s time, arrive early and don’t overstay your welcome.

158. Take care of yourself emotionally, mentally, physically. Happy people make others happy.

159. Admit your mistakes.

160. Work on not repeating your mistakes.

161. Be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

162. Don’t put others on pedestals.

163. Don't be critical of others.

164. Be extra cautious with how you phrase texts and emails. If you can’t see yourself saying it face to face then don’t send.

165. Practice kindness first at home with those closest to you.

166. Cultivate calmness as a super power, especially when provoked.

167. Make eye contact with people you speak to and don't leave anyone out in a group.

168. Share your friends with others, no need to be possessive of people.

169. Don't be known as Mr. or Mrs. Advice Giver. Give only if asked or if the person is hurting themselves.

170. Look for even more ways to show kindness.

171. Imitate the kindness you admire in others.

Whew...that was a mouthful! And I'm sure there's plenty of room for more!

And if you can't remember all 171 actionable items (😜) maybe you can remember this little rhyme...

When in a bind, be kind.

Feel free to leave any questions, comments, suggestions or just say hello on my Facebook page.

Yours truly,


P.S. If you would like to contribute in any way to the Kindness Project percolating in my mind, I'd be thrilled! Drop me a line...

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