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COVID-19: Seeking Answers and Truth

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Oh my! 2020 started with such a bang! In this post, I'll ask a lot of questions. I won't always have answers. We may not have answers for a long time. But we shouldn't stop asking...

The pandemic and lock-downs have been challenging for many, for a variety of personal reasons. The constant slew of contradictory information from the beginning of this pandemic is downright frightening. The misinformation might even be purposeful, for reasons I have yet to discover. Time will tell.

Don't be afraid to question 'experts' and 'factual data'. Use your common sense, logic and observation skills.

Here is my list of questions:

What is the corona virus?

RNA, yada yada. With spikes and everything. But is it really a respiratory illness or could it be something else? When you consider how healthy individuals and children are also reacting to the virus and how the drugs that seem to work are not meant for the lungs.

Why is it causing blood clots?

Is SARS-COVID-19 a natural mutation or was it engineered in a lab for biological warfare?

How transmissible is this virus really? Not as bad as the measles but worse than the flu?

In comparison, it took SARS 6 months to exceed 5,000 cases in China. COVID did that in one month.

Why are some people recovering while others are dying within a few days to a few weeks?

When did the virus come to the USA?

Supposedly, the first death reported in the USA was in Silicon Valley, California on February 6th. A 57 year old woman. Corona was verified by autopsy. This was reported on in the news and Internet. I am skeptical...I need more evidence.

Why wasn't it declared a pandemic sooner?

Definition of pandemic: must affect two or more countries

Why are the majority of people on vents in hospitals dying?

Why are so many nurses and doctors speaking out about how patient care is being administered?

Has anyone had success with natural remedies?

What are the long term affects of this virus on the body?

We don't doubt symptomatic people spread disease. What about asymptomatic? If the virus has an incubation period of 14 days, how is the virus transmitted by a person with no symptoms?

I have recently learned that talking alone can transmit droplets in the air which contain the virus. If you share air space with someone for an extended period of time, even just talking, the virus can be transmitted to you. Funny, I rode in the car with my brother. He had not mask and I had a surgical mask on sitting next to him in the front seat. He popped breath freshener in his mouth and I could smell it through my mask. Gave me an idea of how much of each other's breath we take in. Eeeewwww.

Please be safe. The pandemic is real and so is the virus.

Action items...

Research and form your own conclusions.

Stay safe, the virus is real.

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