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Marriage Tips from 1951

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Whether newly married or married for years, this advice for couples from the 1950's never goes out of style!

I was spring cleaning my closet and discovered an article in my keepsake box entitled: "'Good Wife' and 'Good Husband', 1951 style!". I've been holding on to this article for years. I have no idea how I came to own it but I've always appreciated its wisdom. (See below for the original article).

I've been married for 16 years and although I'm no expert, I can tell you that we need all the wholesome advice we can get! The United States has the third highest divorce rate according to the Guinness Book of World Records. Why?

🖤 Love is supposed to be forever.

Marriage is challenging and most of us are ill-equipped for it. While no one can completely prepare you for marriage, if you want to succeed, it's wise to talk to people who have been happily married for years.

Marriage blends the lives of two imperfect people, their cultures as well as their diverse beliefs. You are uniting entire families! Throw in how differently men and women think and behave, marriage seems doomed from the start.

It doesn't have to be that way!

"You wouldn't build a house without a foundation or the proper tools..."

Love, respect, honesty and trust contribute to a solid foundation in a happy marriage. There are other important principles to consider but this post is not meant to be a comprehensive guide to eternal bliss. The suggestions below however are an excellent start.

What does it mean to be a good wife or a good husband to you?

Think about that before you read on.

The advice from the article is 69 years old! We don't often look to the past for the most accurate information, but this is one of those times we should! Although the world has dramatically changed since 1951, the tips in the article are timeless and deceptively simple. Interview any married person to attest to the truthfulness of them.

Don't have time to read? Scroll down for a brief summary.

I would like to give a HUGE VIRTUAL HUG to the people at Reminsice for giving me permission to post a picture of their article. Thank you!!! 😀

What does it mean to be a good wife 1951 style?

  • Show him in a thousand ways you think he's a wonderful person.

  • Be a responsive lover and look attractive, as you did when courting.

  • Men thrive on flattery and appreciation, be generous with it.

  • Make him feel he's the only one you can rely on for sympathy and understanding.

  • Earn his confidence by keeping his secrets.

  • Rejoice in his triumphs.

  • Sympathize with his defeats.

  • Don't nag about his mistakes.

  • Share in his interests so you can enjoy them together.

  • Carry your share of the domestic load (cook, clean, be thrifty).

  • Be cheerful when times are hard.

  • Don't be too busy, dull or a worrywart, enjoy a night on the town with him.

  • Don't play martyr or look for sympathy at the expense of him in public.

  • Baby and coddle him, watch and worry over him, no matter how old he is.

What does it mean to be a good husband 1951 style?

  • Make your wife feel important in your scheme of things.

  • Show affection by actions and words.

  • Be sympathetic to her moods or setbacks.

  • Appreciate the work she does to run an efficient home and raise the children.

  • Allow your wife to feel she has a degree of financial independence.

  • Be a companion to her, talk with her about her interests.

  • Take your wife out regularly for recreation, you are her only escort now.

  • Cheerfully assume your responsibility in disciplining and raising the children.

  • Be faithful to your wife (no flirting and no sleeping around).

  • Be friendly to your in-laws.

  • Be honest with her.

  • Be attentive to her in public.

  • Consult your wife in important household or family decisions.

  • A good husband places his wife and children ahead of his relatives.

  • Avoid being over-critical.

  • Make it possible for your wife to have leisure time for outside interests.

  • Compliment your wife often and mean it!

So sweet, I love it! 🧡 Just think of how much better your marriage would be if you applied these simple suggestions!

I know I have room for improvement. 😮 I will work harder on expressing appreciation to my hubby for how hard he works for the family.

Action item...

Pick one item on the list and practice it for the next week!

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