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Suddenly masks are safe again 🙄

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

Have they ever stopped being safe? It's increasingly important to develop critical thinking skills and learn when to ignore (or listen) to the media hype.

Is anyone out there paying attention to this madness? Is it angering anyone else? 😡

How can we stay safe if we are consistently lied to?

(If you believe the pandemic is a hoax please check out my other article The Truth About COVID-19)

I googled the word for 'someone who keeps changing their mind' and found words like flip-flopper, fickle, indecisive, moody, unpredictable and to vacillate. (I'm sure there are hundreds more...I also happen to like liar, manipulator.)

I think the best way to describe our mask situation is: getting jerked around. Merriam Webster defines it as to be treated unfairly or dishonestly (by someone) : to be lied to or cheated.

That's exactly what's happening, we're getting jerked around. We're consistently being lied to regarding mask safety. In case you haven't been following the mask news and start to think I'm a lunatic, let me share with you what has been said thus far.

Since day 1 of the pandemic until now...

  1. Masks are not necessary for the general population, only medical workers.

  2. Then masks were mandated by law for everyone to wear in public.

  3. After everyone starting wearing them, masks suddenly became useless.

  4. Soon masks deteriorated into a symbol of oppression.

  5. For a while masks only protected other people (not the wearer).

  6. NOW masks keep you & others safe!!!

Has the science changed 6 times in one year? No, it's what we've been led to believe that's changed 6 times!

This can't be that difficult people!

Here's a picture of me screaming in frustration.

Can you imagine if your doctor changed his mind 6 times about the type of surgery you needed? Or if the person you love changed their mind 6 times about whether they should marry you? Ugg, I'd run, no I'd bolt..⚡

I don't care what scientific study is referenced, what scientists or celebrities say, what any politician claims nor what brand of news you follow, this is insanity.


"Breaking from its tentative recommendations on mask use thus far, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said on Tuesday that using masks benefits wearers, which is a step beyond its previous declaration that said wearing masks would only protect those around them."

“Experimental and epidemiological data support community masking to reduce the spread” of the virus, the C.D.C. said in a document that details scientific evidence supporting mask use. “Individual benefit increases with increasing community mask use,” it said.

"Both the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization now recommend cloth masks for the general public, but earlier in the pandemic, both organizations recommended just the opposite. These shifting guidelines may have sowed confusion (emphasis is mine) among the public about the utility of masks."

Who me? I'm not confused!

Are masks safe or not?

Let's do some deep thinking (critical analysis) of our own and not just rely on science or the media (that's what everyone should be doing).

Here are 6 Things to Consider

1. If you sneeze (or cough) around others, what should you do?

Sneeze in your inner elbow, not in your hand, mamma was right! 😀

Remember when sneezing into a tissue was sufficient?

(Tissues aren't protective against COVID since it spreads through asymptomatic people and through small particles in the air. This is just to illustrate a point, if a tissue isn't disputed wouldn't a mask be even better?)

2. When you want to stop yourself from talking or screaming (which expels not only sound but hot air) what do you do? Cover your mouth!

3. Before a dentist or hygienist works in your mouth, what do they do? Mask up!

4. Before a doctor or nurse walks into the room of a sick patient they, Mask up!

5. When there are nasty fumes, think nail salons, what limits exposure to dangerous chemicals? A mask!

6. What do carpenters, masons, plumbers and other construction workers wear not to inhale dangerous particles or dust? A mask!

I wonder if any of these people 2nd guess their need to wear a mask?

There's also the highly amusing 'pee meme' illustration (see pic below) swarming the web. Since I'm mom to a little boy, pee and poop are daily topics in our house, so I find this hilarious.

I don't know who came up with it, it's not a perfect analogy, but it sort of works. The point is, if everyone wears pants (protection) everyone benefits.

Here's another line of reasoning from Forbes, not wearing a mask is like smoking near a pregnant woman. In other words, you not only infect the mother but anyone else she comes into contact with, like the baby. Those third party individuals were exposed to the virus and had NO CHOICE in the matter. If only we thought more about others than ourselves!

Some Other Important Factors...

Nothing guarantees 100% protection. That's why some doctors and nurses have gotten sick and died, even though they're suited up and masked. Unfortunately (and bravely) they're on the frontline and in the thick of COVID-19 day after day. Their rate of exposure is higher than most of us.

Not all masks are created equal. The thinner the material the less protection (obvious but worth mentioning). When shopping for a mask check for multiple layers and hold it up to the light. If any light seeps through, skip the mask or add an additional layer of protection. I have a good friend who sews, she adds pockets to my thin masks. Then I insert an air filter (I bought this one from Amazon and cut it to the size I need).

Don't touch your mask. This is hard, if not impossible, especially for children (and some adults like myself). But if our hands are contaminated and we continually adjust our mask on the inside or outside, we are contaminating it.

Sanitize your hands as often as possible. There's no substitute for hand washing or hand sanitizer when water and soap are unavailable.

Social distance. There's no substitute for this either. I know it's hard. I have an only-child. We aren't perfect at this either. But our playdates are always OUTSIDE with MASKS and we constantly remind the children to keep space between them and sanitize their hands.

Do your part to keep yourself, your family and others safe!

Winter is almost here, cases are skyrocketing and hospitals are scrambling to keep up. We are heading for a lockdown.

Many people feel that the virus is no more dangerous than a head cold. While this is true for some, it's not true for everyone. There are multiple strains going around, some mild and some deadly, and not everyone reacts the same.

This virus is a little like playing Russian Roulette, you don't know how it's going to affect YOU until you've had it. And for some, that's too late. In fact, many people are denying the existence of the virus as they are dying from it in the hospital. Please, don't let that be you!

Even if deaths are not as high as before and the majority are surviving, consider the possible long-term side effects of the corona virus.

Here's a short list of side effects caused by COVID-19

Action items

So, what should you do?

  • Wear a good mask (that covers your nose),

  • Sanitize your hands often.

  • Social distance.

  • Care about the lives and welfare of those around you.

It's that simple!

I'm curious to hear your experiences with COVID. Feel free to share your thoughts on Facebook or Instagram or below by becoming a member of the blog. It's quick, easy and free. 😀 Don't forget to check out some other articles you might have missed...

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