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The Truth About COVID-19

Is the corona virus (and pandemic) a hoax? Or is it real and deadly?

If you're confused about the corona virus, you're not alone! All you have to do is keep up with the news to find yourself complacent or paranoid.

There seems to be two realities running side by side like trains on parallel tracks.

One train is filled with people who haven't gotten the virus, haven't experienced the death of a loved one and continue to live 'relatively' normal lives. Perhaps these passengers don't wear a mask, gather in large groups and have been fine so far. Or they have had the virus and recovered quickly, not understanding what everyone is whining about.

Group 1 may believe the corona virus is a hoax and will disappear after the election.

The other train is filled with anxious people who have had the opposite reality. They diligently wear masks and practice social distancing. The virus is very real to them. Sadly, they have lost friends or family to the pandemic. Or perhaps they were sick themselves and experienced severe symptoms or permanent damage to their bodies.

Group 2 has experienced the worst of the pandemic and can't believe anyone denies it.

(People also deny the earth is round, that the Nazi concentration camps ever happened and that viruses exist.)

🚅 Which train are you on? 🚅

Perhaps you are somewhere in the middle, like I am, standing at the platform wondering which train to get on. I haven't become ill or experienced the loss of a loved one and I have family all over Italy (one of the hardest hit countries before affecting the US) and they are all fine. Those I personally know who have gotten the virus have recovered and are fine.

However, unlike the people on train one, I don't believe the corona virus is a hoax. Are politicians and organizations using it as a political ploy? Absolutely! Are we being manipulated and controlled? YES! But does that make the virus fake, harmless or as simple as the flu? No!

What have we learned thus far?

It seems that every statement that has been made since January 2020 regarding COVID-19 has been recalled or manipulated.

Perhaps some of these inconsistencies ring a bell... 🔔

  • World denies pandemic, says virus is a respiratory illness. On March 11th COVID-19 is declared a pandemic, we later learn it's an inflammatory disease.

  • We don't need masks, they're useless. Now, masks are mandatory in many places.

  • The solution is ventilators. Never mind, ventilator death rate is 85%.

  • The virus doesn't affect children. Uh-oh, then came the Kawasaki-like syndrome affecting children, possibly causing them long term heart damage.

  • Don't gather in large crowds (unless you're protesting or supporting a candidate).

  • Only elderly people die. Except when that isn't true! Scroll through this sobering list of people we have lost to the pandemic, note the variety of ages.

  • A vaccine won't be ready for 2 years. No, wait, 1 year. No wait October 2020. Uh, never mind, maybe summer of 2021???

  • Animals can't get COVID-19. Except some tigers at the Bronx Zoo and dogs, cats... 😮

  • The virus is a natural bat disease from Wuhan, China accidentally released from a meat market. Or is it a biological warfare weapon made in a lab and released (accidentally or purposefully) by the globalists to depopulate the earth?

Please don't think I'm mocking, I'm simply listing what I've heard and pointing out the inconsistencies. There's so much information, our heads are spinning! 😵

It's your responsibility to be well-informed on what is being said. However, your decisions need to be based on evidence and fact, not emotion, not what the media says, not what every single scientist says (they can be bought) and not what every politician says either...

It's impossible to make wise decisions without truth and trust.

Remember in the beginning of the pandemic when we didn't have much information and there were many questions about the virus?

Let's review the info we had in the beginning of 2020:

COVID-19 is a flu virus, a respiratory illness. (Untrue)

We wondered if the virus might be sensitive to heat or humidity. (It's not)

It affects only the elderly and those with preexisting conditions. (Untrue)

We don't need to go on lock-down. (Untrue and greatly debated)

If we do lock-down, it won't be for long. (Untrue and greatly debated)

When we come out of the lock-down we can go back to business as usual. (Untrue)

There's no need to get tested. (Greatly debated)

If you don't have a fever there's no need to get tested. (Untrue)

If you have no symptoms there's no need to get tested. (Untrue)

Are asymptomatic carriers contagious? (Still debated)

How long does the virus last on surfaces? (Debated, but considered mostly harmless)

Should we disinfect our groceries and deliveries? (Debunked for the most part)

Many remedies have been proposed: remdesivir, hydroxychloroquine, plasma transfusion, blood thinners and steroids. Still, there is no cure for it.

What advice has stayed the same?

Wash your hands regularly.

Don't touch your face, eyes and nose.

Stay 6 feet or more away from people.

Meeting outdoors is way safer than indoors.

Cover your mouth when sneezing, coughing (doesn't a good mask do this?)

Top ways the virus is spreading

Nursing homes

Indoor gatherings: churches, funerals, weddings, schools

Eating out, restaurants.

Lingering questions

Can you get the corona virus more than once?

How long do the antibodies stay in the body?

How many mutations are there?

Will there be a second wave?

Will the virus mutate and become more fatal or less?

What are the long-term effects on the body?

Are 'asymptomatic' people spreading the disease?

How effective will a vaccine be and when will it be available?

Will the vaccine's side effects be worse than the disease itself?

Are the diagnostic and antibody tests accurate?

Who is reporting the most accurate, truthful information about the pandemic?

There are many more unanswered questions, we still have much to learn. What will we learn in the next year?

The New Normal

The pandemic is wreaking havoc on the world and our future. It's not just a major inconvenience, it's "the new normal" we are being told. Huh? 🤷‍♀️

Here's what I think the 'new normal' means. Life, as we knew it prior to 2020, will never be the same. This pandemic has permanently changed the way we live. (I don't know about you, but when I see pictures of large crowds or old pics of how we used to live, I shudder). I'm realizing just how quickly and efficiently this virus has changed the internal workings of our brain.

Go ahead and take a few minutes to grieve that. We have lost much, both tangible and intangible. The known and the unknown.

It's OK to feel sad, scared and uncertain.

It's OK to mourn your losses, whether it be time, money, friends, family, stamina, education, vacation, job or whatever you are personally losing because of the pandemic.

It's OK to grieve for those we don't know who have lost loved ones, who have lost jobs and are in financial ruin.

It's OK to not have all the answers.

It's NOT OK to bury your head in the sand and pretend everything is fine (toxic positivity).

It's NOT OK to ignore sound reasoning, factual information, evidence or legit warnings.

It's NOT OK to endanger your life or the lives of others.

Why do many doubt the virus is real?

One reason is that there are plenty of people who are 'convincingly' reporting that the virus and pandemic are fake, even people I used to trust. Many of my favorite alternative health websites are claiming that masks are not only useless but dangerous too. Their claims are that viruses don't exist at all, corona virus testing is fake and the number of people dying is false. Many even use science or math to prove their point. (I still don't know which info is legit).

"The quality of a leader is reflected in the standards they set for themselves." --Ray Kroc source

Another reason we are ever more distrustful is that we are being deluged with inconsistent messages from the media, establishments in place to protect us and politicians. It seems the corona virus has divided people into left and right categories. The virus is not only a health issue, it is a seriously dividing political issue as well.

It's hard to know who to believe when we feel lied to and manipulated!

"Leaders should behave the way they want their followers to behave." unknown

A third reason is that people are increasingly unable to deal with the reality of the current situation. It's horrible to live during a pandemic! We want life to be 'normal' the way it was before. Change is tough, especially when you didn't ask for it!

These are unprecedented times for our generations. Most of us (in America) have never experienced a pandemic, a depression like in the 1920's, famine, war, civil unrest...

I don't believe people today are properly equipped to handle such extreme situations. Suicide, violence, domestic violence, alcohol and drug abuse are on the rise. People are enraged and are driving crazy too!

Our generations, I'm including myself, are not accustomed to a world without 'freedom' and possibly the basic necessities of life. We weren't taught neighborly love, we were taught 'every man for himself'. We are selfish by nature.

I hear people say "I don't care if I get the corona virus and die" and they abandon all safety measures.

I reply "That's great for you, but what about all the people you'll infect that might get sick and die?"

"To handle yourself, use your head; to handle others, use your heart." --Eleanor Roosevelt source

How do we know the virus is real?

In order to discern truth in anything, you must develop critical thinking skills. Please check out my article, How to Find the Truth About Anything to discover ways to sharpen your mind to find truth...

One of the techniques I mention in that article is talking to people and learning from their experiences. My husband and I have a lot of family in Italy and this proved advantageous back in February. While many were in denial about the pandemic, we were getting news directly from relatives who were living through it. We were able to prepare our necessities before the mad storm of toilet paper shortages.

In speaking with my neighbors and friends from around the world I've learned that many people have died that weren't sick before.

I've been editing this post for months, I can't even believe I'm now writing that the president of the US (and his wife) have the corona virus. (He's not the only politician to catch it either.)

We could argue all year about statistics, if they are real or accurate. How do we know that they are reporting deaths accurately? If a person has cancer and COVID what did they die from? What should be written on the death certificate? If a person dies from COVID-19 at home then they also don't get included in the stats.

So, what's the answer?

The answer is to open your eyes and look around you. Do your fact checking not only online but talk to real people in your community and in other areas.

Have you noticed that Jehovah's Witnesses haven't been knocking on your door since mid-March? Even the kingdom halls (buildings of worship) are closed. I heard someone say, "We will know when the pandemic is over when Jehovah's Witnesses start going door to door again." 😉

Nothing has stopped Jehovah's Witnesses from preaching since it started 150 years ago. If they are taking this seriously and are concerned for everyone's health and safety, shouldn't you be too?

We don't know what the world will look like in 2 years or 10 for that matter. We are at a standstill for the next 1-2 years and as much as people hate to admit that, it's true. We don't know what is going to happen in the next two years. Vaccine or not, the corona virus is here to stay. We will also continue to feel the economic and financial consequences for years to come.

Action items

  • Take care of your family and yourself both physically and mentally.

  • Wear a good mask.

  • Social distance, stay 6 feet away or more when conversing with others.

  • Act like the virus and pandemic are real, don't become complacent.

  • Stock up on supplies before winter in case of civil unrest, famine, etc.

  • Realize that there are more important things in this world than money and things.

  • Develop a community and support system with friends, family and neighbors.

  • Cultivate spirituality. If you believe in God, now is the time to discern his purpose for your life and for the earth.

I'm curious to hear your experiences with COVID. Feel free to share your thoughts online on Facebook or Instagram or below by becoming a member of the blog. It's quick, easy and free. It allows you and me to keep your comments and thoughts in one place instead of scattered all over Facebook! 😀

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