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Why Aliens Won't Visit Our Planet

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

Do you believe in aliens? If so, do you really think they want to visit our planet?

Why are countries around the world spending billions of dollars on space exploration (and searching for aliens) when our planet and the human race faces the greatest catastrophes ever known to man?

Are you familiar with the Doomsday Clock? Here's what Wikipedia says about it: "The Doomsday Clock is a symbol that represents the likelihood of a man-made global catastrophe...the Clock is a metaphor for threats to humanity from unchecked scientific and technical advances."

On January 23, 2020 the doomsday clock was moved forward once again and the world is now closer to midnight (doomsday) than ever before.

Double yikes! 😨 😨 There are 3 worsening fears they cite for their panic:

  1. Nuclear weapons

  2. Climate change

  3. Cyber-based disinformation

The world is screwed up and it looks like humans are the culprit (or at least those who have a measure of control).

It makes me wonder (I wonder about many things) why would any intelligent non-terrestrial being want to come here? What could they possibly learn from us? Have we gotten anything right as a human species?

Here's an idea: 💡 why don't we reinvest those billions of dollars from those space budgets into improving the earth? Why not make the earth a peaceful and beautiful resort that aliens would want to visit?

Can you imagine if aliens posted reviews on their social media of their travels throughout space? What would they say after a visit to earth? We would get negative stars! Or be boycotted. Never has it been more embarrassing to be human.

Oh, by the way, did you want proof that the world spends billions of dollars on space stuff?

According to this website, space budgets in 2018 totaled 70.9 billion dollars, the USA alone spent 41 billion of that astronomical (pun 🤣 intended) figure. Incredible! Could the world invest those 70 billion dollars in improving a few things around our own backyard?

And here's another figure to make your brain tingle: NASA spent 8.8 billion dollars on just one telescope. The James Webb Space Telescope is the world's most expensive telescope (8.8 billion dollars). What is its purpose? To "stare at distant planets and galaxies for clues to the early and modern Universe."

I wish I was extremely witty but you'll have to settle for my simpleton humor...but...I'm pretty sure I can stare into space and figure out where we came from FOR FREE 😂. Hmm I wonder what I would with a billion dollars...?

Why are humans investing so much time, money and other finite resources into exploring deep space?

HINT HINT...we weren't designed to live in outer space, there's no food, water or oxygen out there!

For the record, I LOVE outer space and own a telescope. I have no objections to our curiosity about the universe. It inspires awe and wonder and we've learned so much thanks to scientists. But it behooves us to ask, if the human race is in a state of emergency and possibly facing extinction, why not fix our problems FIRST and then visit OUT THERE? Because more than likely we will ruin out there too (a bad tenant is a bad tenant no matter where they live). This is possibly a huge reason why aliens haven't invited us to their planets yet.

We are a destructive species.

Furthermore, I propose, strongly believe, that if there are intelligent life forms out there, they find our planet repugnant. What's so repugnant about earth?

Let me count the ways...

5 Reasons Why Aliens Might Not Visit Earth

1. Humans are filthy. We have polluted every corner of the earth and outer space too! There will soon be efforts to cleanup space from man-made pollution!

Our air, soil, drinking water and oceans are polluted to the point that many species, including humans, are slowly sickening and dying. Check this out: Scientists categorize Earth as a 'toxic planet'

Due to pollution, lifestyles and a lack of ethics, we are killing off critical species, plants and animals, that sustain life. According to this website: "the current rate of extinction is estimated to be around one thousand species per year." Wow! I don't see how any intelligent beings could respect this, especially since it's preventable.

Are humans next in line for extinction?

Here are two questions for meditation: when did humans start polluting the earth and what are the greatest sources of pollution?

As usual, a google search yields various answers but in general, there are three major types of pollution: air, water and land.

  • Factories

  • Cars, trucks, ships and planes

  • Pesticides and fertilizers

  • Burning fossil fuels such as coal, oil and natural gas

  • Destroying forests

  • Chemicals and chemical weapons

  • Plastic

  • Radioactive waste / nuclear weapons

  • Garbage

Sound like modern problems? That's because they are. For thousands of years these things didn't exist. Yes, there have been various types of pollution throughout history but on a global scale? You can blame the start of it on the Industrial Revolution (1760-1840) and the first automobile (1885) but GLOBAL POLLUTION intensified after World War I. Humans have managed to ruin the planet in a little over 100 years, roughly 3 generations of humans. 😨 That's frightening. 😨

If aliens came to our toxic planet would they get cancer too?

2. Humans are violent. There's fighting everywhere fueled by greed, hate and selfishness. The greatest source of violence is often from members of ones own family. Think domestic abuse, child molestation and familicide (that's a word from Wikipedia). Some may criticize me for including abortion in this category, but I wonder what aliens would think of a species that aborts its own offspring?

Earth has a long history of bloody wars and we've had not one but two WORLD WARS. Governments are continually developing weapons of mass destruction. Science Focus says: "Although exact figures are secret, the Federation of American Scientists estimates there are around 19,000 nuclear warheads, 95 per cent of which are Russian and American – the UK has around 200." And the more powerful weapons they develop, the easier it is to obliterate entire continents.

Hopefully that will never happen but what about in your day to day life? Do you see road rage and people not getting along, in general? So many people are angry and stressed and armed with guns and knives nowadays. Is it any wonder that an alien wouldn't be frightened to come here, unarmed?

3. Humans worship green paper 💲. If you don't have money you don't have access to even basic necessities and if you don't have loads of money, you aren't respected. If aliens came to our planet without cash or a credit card I wonder how many services they would receive or how many restaurants would feed them, gratis?

Poverty and hunger are rampant around the world and we haven't solved the issue of homelessness. There are 1.6 billion people who lack adequate housing in the world. We could give them each a decent house to live in and have billions of our "space budget" left over.

4. Humans are diseased-ridden beings. There are bacteria, viruses, chronic diseases and fatal diseases of all sorts. Hello Pandemic of 2020! Now is definitely not a good time to visit earth. Would aliens need a vaccine before they came? And without insurance could they get any sort of medical care?

5. Roughly 200 years ago 90% of the population were farmers, you can imagine what a wholesome diet they enjoyed. Now our diet consists of highly processed (junk) food. I think based on this fact alone, aliens would never want to visit our planet or we might send them to Italy where food at the supermarkets are still fresh and delicious. (Based on personal experience. I'm sure other countries can say the same, I just haven't been all over yet)


I'm sure you could come up with more reasons why aliens might decide to vacation somewhere else in the universe and bypass earth. Personally, these 5 reasons would be enough to frighten me away from visiting, if I had a choice.

I'm also absolutely sure that if 70.9 billion dollars were reallocated from space exploration to the 'right people' we could make serious headway on major catastrophes and pull the Doomsday Clock back a few minutes, at least.

My Last Thought

If intelligent, extraterrestrial beings were to visit our planet and they were superior to us, I bet they would be bound by a sense of duty and ethics to make major transformations to life on earth. They would be disgusted by our greedy, selfish and myopic way of life and might punish us for the mismanagement of this precious and beautiful planet.

My suggestion...stop searching for aliens and instead make the earth a welcome, inviting, peaceful place and maybe the aliens will come in admiration and peace. Because if aliens are real, they are either avoiding us like the plague or preparing to destroy us.

And as another perhaps God 'the alien' people are looking for? If there is a God who cares about this planet and the people on it, then what do you think? Is he avoiding us like the plague or preparing to destroy us?

Action items:

If you would like a bit of alien versus earth humor, I highly recommend watching the 1996 French film: La Belle Verte. It is hilarious and thought provoking as well, so put up with the subtitles. It's worth it!

More importantly, be a responsible human and do your part to make the earth a lovely place to be. And if you want to really spend your time wisely, I suggest finding out what the bible says about God's purpose for the earth and our future. It is way more hopeful than anything humans have to offer!

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