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My mission is to share how Truth, Beauty & Inspiration can bring more peace, joy & love to your life.

Who am I?

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Hi, my name is Anna Celotto.


That stick girl figure dancing in the middle of all those crazy lines (called a mind map) is me exploring how my core values Truth, Beauty and Inspiration affect my life, why I'm drawn to certain hobbies and how I relate to others, like you.

Have you ever tried mind mapping? It's a fun, creative and visual way of learning about anything you want, including yourself. You can mind map (or brainstorm) about anything in the world. Expect a future article...😊.

Through my mind map I discovered why I LOVE to:

  • travel (explore)

  • take pictures

  • read

  • write

  • learn

  • teach

  • grow as a person (self-improvement)

I enjoy these activities because they stem from my core values: Truth, Beauty Inspiration. 

Have you ever taken the time to reflect on your core values and how they affect your decisions, hobbies and career choices?

Why not give it a try? You never know what you'll learn about yourself.

What do I do?


I spend my days volunteering, researching, homeschooling my son, daydreaming and writing stories (besides the daily grind of cooking and cleaning). I love hiking, biking, roller skating and tea time with my girls. One day, I hope to actually finish ONE of the several unfinished manuscripts on my computer. 

I've worked as a Computer Technician since 1998. I'm a certified Holistic Health Coach because I'm passionate about good health and nutrition.


I'm an aspiring Life Coach (or truth coach, if you will 😝). I hope that by means of this website, we can coach each other through life, with our core values Truth, Beauty and Inspiration as our guides.

Every day, I'm learning to be a little less tense, to laugh at myself and have a little fun along the way (which usually involves a good book, preferably on the beach 🏖️ or in front of the fireplace).

I'm a deeply spiritual person and love the wisdom found in the bible. Our world is plagued, like never before, with uncertainty, anxiety and hopelessness. I believe we need all the help we can get to not only survive but thrive.


God has gifted us his wisdom and truth, the beauty around us and each other.


We just need to open our hearts and minds to it all. 


How can a Life/Truth Coach help you?

Everyone, including experts, need help. Every coach has a coach. Every doctor has a doctor. Every Life Coach has a Life Coach!

Being a coach (of any kind) is NOT about having all the answers. A good coach knows how to ask the right questions and helps you connect with the answers already inside of you.

What do you need more of in your life right now?

Let's explore how Truth, Beauty and Inspiration can help you achieve more love, joy, peace, happiness, creativity and more in your life right now!

Action Item #1

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Action Item #2


Send me a message using the form below.

Do you have a topic you'd like me to research?

A book you'd like me to review?

A suggestion for this blog?  

A question on your mind?

Something you're struggling with that you're ready to talk about?

I look forward to hearing from you!

Tell me what's on your mind and how I can be of service to you.

Have a beautiful day.

I'll be in touch soon!

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