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I'm Glad You're Here.

You seem to like hanging out with bookworms and wanna-be-nerds. 🤓 

That's a good thing! It's good to laugh at ourselves and have a little fun along the way, something I'm learning to do every day.


My name is Anna and I live in the beautiful Hudson Valley region of NY. I'm a certified Holistic Health Coach and a computer helpdesk techie by trade. My real days are spent homeschooling my son and writing stories in my head (in addition to the daily grind of cooking, cleaning, etc.)

I enjoy writing all types of stories and I've been working on a novel for years. From time to time I may post these creative endeavors for your feedback.


I've always wanted to blog but never had the time. The pandemic has forced me to slow down and realize that dream. I never want to go back to a frenetic way of life again.

Slowing down has helped me reprioritize and value things that have true meaning. I hate the chaos, violence, and pain the pandemic has caused. The lies we're constantly being told by the media and other powerful organizations irks me.


It's impossible to make good decisions without truthful information.

That's why I research and blog what I learn. I want to inspire you and your family to a life filled with truth, love good health.


We must take responsibility for the decisions we make, but we don't have to go it alone.  We can build a strong community and make that journey together. 

My goal is to discover, distill and share the most accurate, truthful information I can find. It won't be perfect, but it will be honest.

I'd really love to inspire you and be inspired by you!

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