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Would you like less pain, better sleep & more energy?

Would you like less fear, overwhelm & anxiety?

How about becoming more resilient &

emotionally stable?

I want all those things! 

That's why I work hard to find tools to add to my Holistic Wellness Toolkit, for all 5 Pillars of Life.







 The Holistic Health Services I recommend are tools I use every day to support the health of my family.

Maybe you'll find something to add to 

Your Holistic Wellness Toolkit!

Holistic Health Tools

To be most effective, your Holistic Wellness Toolkit should include tools for both physical & emotional wellbeing. 


Inner Voice

This is one of my favorite tools for emotional health.


I use it daily for myself & my son.


Nothing soothes the wild beast within, like music, EXCEPT when it includes personalized frequency therapy!

With just a 10 second recording of your voice, you get 10 minutes of music embedded with frequencies for internal peace & harmony. 

And, you sleep better too!

Remote sessions available.

One time session: $40

Discount packages available.

Learn more


Infrared Sauna

Saunas are not just for sweating or detox. Infrared heat increases blood flow & relaxation to promote whole body healing.

On location only.

30 minutes $30

Discount packages available. 

red ligth therapy.jpg

Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy is scientifically proven to increase energy & reduce pain.


People who have tried light therapy report sleeping like a baby after just one session.

Why not give light therapy a try?

On location or rent to take home.

20 minute session: $20

40 minute session: $40

Discount packages available.

Nutritional Cooking

Nutrition & Supplements

We recommend organic super food products from Purium.


You could give your body the best treatment ever with the 30 Day Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation, backed by thousands of testimonials!




Dr. Hulda Clark Zapper

Give your immune system a boost!

Our bodies are electrical, our cells need to function at the optimal voltage. Dr. Clark's zapper is a pain free and relaxing way to supercharge our immune system cells.

On location or rent to take home.

Cost: $20


red ligth therapy.jpg
"I felt so calm and relaxed right after my session and I slept like a baby that night!"

Nurse Nysha, Light Therapy


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